Lawn Mowing Edging
Fertilizing Soil Testing (pH)
Hedging & Pruning Over Seeding
Topdressing/Lawn Leveling Leaf Removal
Aerating/de-Thatching Lawn Waste Removal
Weeding and more…
Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Mowing

We have options to provide a regular service on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly schedule depending on what you would like, it’s a set and forget we will show up and provide the service without you needing to think more about it.


Make sure your soil health is good & that your grass is green and healthy, we can also test the pH levels and provide advice to improve the pH level from acidic to alkaline.

Hedging & Pruning

Whether it is regular maintenance to keep your hedges looking clean and pretty, or the annual trim to start the season we can get the job done for you!!

Topdressing/Lawn Leveling

If having a nice flat and level lawn is important to you we can top dress and treat your lawn to level and improve the quality of lawn in your yard.

Aerating/de-thatching Lawn

Lawn needs to breath and also not be over compacted restricting the grass roots to get access to the water and nutrients to be nice green and thick. Every now and then aeration will help to promote growth and regular de-thatching will help to stimulate growth of your lawn.


We can provide you annual yard maintenance options, through to a once off for a rental inspection or a final.